Terms and conditions of use - General Conditions

These general conditions  of  sale apply strictly  to all  sales of products made  by  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  online  store. 

Any order made  in the online  store  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com implies  necessarily as essential, decisive  and indispensable, the  unqualified acceptance by  the Customer of the  Terms and Conditions  of  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  existing  online  store on the day  that  the  corresponding order is carried out.  In addition, the customer acknowledges that the acceptance of  these conditions involve  the application to  the order to  which they refer,  as well as  any subsequent order, including the  cases where  new  conditions are brought  to its attention by  the online store www . elmondolcdeclaudia.com. The fact that the  store  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com does not  recur at  any  given  time  to any  of these conditions  can not  be  interpreted nor will be equivalent  to renounce  to them  in the future or  in the past. 

The interpretation  and enforcement of  the conditions, as  well  as  all acts  arising  from  them will be subject to  Spanish law unless there are provisions of public order contrary to it. 


The prices published in  the  online  store  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  are  in Euros and  are valid except  for typographical errors.  All prices   include VAT applicable (for Spain & CE countries) and exclude VAT (countries outside CE, Canarias, Ceuta & Melilla) on the  date of the order. Any change in VAT rate  will be  applied automatically to the prices of the products for sale in the online store www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com. 

All prices shown in www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com and its subdomains are VAT included (Spain & CE countries) and VAT excluded (countries outside CE, Canarias, Ceuta & Melilla). 

Courses are exempt from VAT

The offers on  products sold in  the  online store  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  display in  the "Deals" or indicate in  more details  in the file of the product and, unless otherwise  specified, will be valid  while displayed on  screen. 

Vouchers  will be valid  and will have special conditions  for use. See the specifications  of  each voucher  before use. 

If you need  invoice,  it must be requested  via e-mail, any invoice  discharged through  the website  will not have any legal  validity. 


When ordering, the  customer may elect to  pay for  purchases made  at the online  store www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  by: 

·        Bank wire (sending the bank receipt within 30 minutes since the order is confirmed)

·        By credit card  or debit card  through the  virtual  POS. Only VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted, with an extra charge of 1% of the total amount of the order.

Exceptionally, we can accept payments through Paypal, with an extra charge of 7% of the total amount of the order.

Courses/Master Class 

Tenders submitted  by  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  online  store  are  valid within the limits  of available stocks  and  the  dates set for  those offers.

The  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  online  store  reserves the  right to modify the  selection of  courses  depending on the  constraints imposed by its  deliverers. 

The photographs,  graphics and descriptions  of  the  products offered for  sale are only  indicative and not binding  in any way  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  online  store. 

Buy Courses/Master Class 

·        Acquired  courses  were held  in the direction  and under the  conditions  detailed  in each. 

·        For booking  of courses,  you must  make payment of  100% of the value  thereof  indicating the  full name of the  person conducting  the course (that  is the name that  will appear  on the diploma). In case of choosing payment by bank transfer, the deposit / transfer must be made within 30 minutes since the order is confirmed and send the receipt via email. In case of not receiving the receipt, the reservation will be automatically canceled. Please indicate your full name (it will be the name that will appear on the diploma) in the concept of your email.

·        If the  course is canceled  by the organizers, will be  a refund of the  amount paid  by the student  to date  for the reservation. 

·        No  chance of  refund  if the student cancels  his  attendance. 

·        In  any  case  the organization  will bear  the expenses  incurred by the  student  for the completion  of the course (accommodation costs, flights, diet, transportation, hotel's bookings, etc.). 

·        Places will be allocated  in strict bought  order. 

·        The  money  paid  is valid only for  the date  of the workshop and  is not refundable. 

·        The  reserved space  is not transferable to  another person if  you can not attend  the course. 

·        The participants are not  allowed to take  photos  step by step in  class. They can take photos for personal use. 

·        It is not allowed  to film  the class. 

·        Just  making the  courses  PROVIDES  NO  rights to the content  and  identical reproduction  thereof  without  permission from the  chef. 

·        We indicate  cost, dates and times  of  the courses in  the  course description. 

·        All courses  require a  minimum number of students  to  be  made and are confirmed 15 days before the class date​​. Failure to  reach the  minimum required  (10 students)  will not be made,  are  being  refunded  the full amount of the reservation. 

·        In case of postponing the course's date, participants will have the option to accept the new date or choose another course from the calendar. No refunds will be made. 


Tenders submitted  by  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  online  store are  valid within the limits  of available stocks  and  the dates set for  the offer. The  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  online  store reserves the  right to change  the  product mix  according to the constraints  imposed by its suppliers. 

The photographs,  graphics and descriptions  of  the products offered for  sale are only  indicative and not binding  in any way  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com  online  store. 

Buy products 

·        Items  purchased will be delivered  at the address  on record. 

·        On Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and  after hour business, no  support  is offered  for any products purchased. 

·        An order is considered  delivered  at the time  the user makes its payment. 

·        All applicable custom fees, taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer. It is at the discretion of custom agents to release your package. Please also note that in some occasions, customs agents may delay the delivery of some packages. We will not accept any return due to payment refuse of custom fees or taxes and duties.

Users registration 

To  browse the store  and  add  products  to the cart  does not  require registration.  However,  to make the purchase  itself you will  need to register  as a user.  We will request  your personal data  to generate your  customer file, the data  will be protected  under  the  provisions of  Law 15/1999 of  December 13, Protection of  Personal Data. 

We can only  register  people over 18  years. 

With  your user account  you can shop  and benefit from  discounts, promotions and  gifts that  we offer to our customers. 

In your  account  can view the  history  of your orders  and details, means of  payment, your  discount vouchers,  etc.


Order  Cancellation or  return policy  

Cancellations or returns of products  are  not allowed; once  the order is confirmed no  amount  will be refunded  under any circumstances  except  for  causes attributable to www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com. , in this case  www.elmondolcdeclaudia.com will  study the origin  of the problem  to try   to solve it as far as possible. 

EU  Regulation  No. 524/2013  on  online dispute  resolution   for  consumer 

Regulation  called  ODR (Online  Dispute  Resolution)  seeks to establish  an independent, impartial, transparent, effective, fast  and just to  solve various  disputes arising from  international online  sale  of goods  and services between the  EU  proceedings. 
This objective  should be achieved  through  the establishment of an  ODR platform  (the platform  of online dispute resolution) in the EU  and the rules of  cooperation with  national bodies in charge  of alternative  dispute resolution. 

You can  find more  information  in the  article 14  paragraph 1 of  ODR-VO - downloadable  in  PDF  format to the  following link: 
Link to the platform  online dispute  resolution: 


Anytime  you wish  you can  contact  us for  more information or  to answer your questions  via the  contact form. 

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