3 days Hands On Master Class 11, 12 & 13/12 with Dinara Kasko


Intensive hands on Master Class (duration 3 days), December 11st, 12nd and 13rd, 2020 (9 AM - 6 PM). Price: 880 euros. 

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Dinara Kasko is a Pastry Chef from Ukraine. She started to bake like most of housewives, with some simple cakes and pies, but it quickly turned into her passion. She graduated from University of Architecture and Design and worked as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer. It just became more interesting to her at some point. She liked what she was doing as an architect, but now she is more interested in Patisserie. From the moment she got into Patisserie she decided to try to add something new into it. She realized that the appearance is as important as taste. She tried to model her own moulds and print them with 3D printer and she liked what she got. She want to try more and more in Patisserie and she can’t stop, she is studying, modeling and baking. She prefers simple plain geometric shapes like cube, triangle and sphere. She likes black colour, as well as red and white. She likes sharp straight lines. She hopes you will like what she does.

LEARNING: Students will learn how to make the preparations mentioned below. They will not only learn the recipe, they will also learn the most essential techniques for creating cakes, temperatures, textures, flavour balance, stabilization, product integration, all knowledge to be implemented when making any cake recipe in the future. Open to any level of experience.

At the end of the class all the mousses will be distributed between all the students  and we will also cut and taste the mousses between all the participants.


1. Tesselation cake: shortcrust dough, sponge cake with chestnut paste, lemon cremeux, chestnut cream with chestnuts, chestnut mousse

2. Torus cake or Folding Cake: passion fruit and mango mousse, passion fruit/mango cremeaux, passion fruit/orange confit, sponge cake and crunchy layer

3. Origami mold: crunchy layer with nuts, caramel-cheese mousse, chocolate biscuit, soft caramel with cinnamon, apple compote with cinnamon and apple brandy, cheese mousse

4. Cluster Cake (vegan): coconut biscuit, mango cremeaux, strawberry and cactus flower confit, mandarine mousse.

5. Sphere cake (lactose free): coconut biscuit, crunchy layer, strawberry confit, strawberry mousse, coconut mousse.

6. Cherry cake (gluten free): crunchy layer, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate cremeux, cherry confit, chocolate mousse.

7. Coffee individual cakes: coffee crunchy layer, chocolate sponge cake, coffee creme brule, vanilla mousse.

8. Heart individual cakes: sponge cake, grapefruit confit, mousse marshmellow and chocolate mousse.

8. Sphere mold individual cakes: crunchy layer, biscuit, chocolat cremeaux, apicot-kumquat confit, caramelized chocolate mousse.

9. Tarts:

– Passion fruit, raspberry, white chocolate

– Caramel, macadamia, vanilla

– custard cream, caramel and berries

Venue for workshops:

Escuela de repostería creativa “El món dolç de Claudia”

Calle Castelao, 167 (a 100 mts del Centro Comercial Gran Vía 2)

08902 – Hospitalet de Llobregat – Barcelona

The price of the master class includes:


Translator English - Spanish

Book recipe

Direct and personal supervision of the chef

Certificate of attendance 

1 hour for lunch (food not included in the price)

** The course will take place with a minimum of 12 people. If you have to buy a ticket for your flight, train or bus, please contact us and ask if the class have reached the minimum number of people needed to run the class.

Such as workshops, each student will leave the course with their own work and having learned the techniques taught by the chef.

In order to book your place, please issue payment of 880 euros, refering your full name and surname (will be the name to be showed in the certificate). 

Cancellation policy: 

By the organization: if the course is canceled by the organizers, the student will receive a refund of the amount paid by him/her to date. 

By students: there is no possibility of refund if the student cancels his/her attendance. 

In any case the organization will bear the expenses incurred by the student for the completion of the course (accommodation costs, flights, diet, transportation).

All the courses will be confirmed 15 days before the class date, so if you need to buy a flight, please ask us first to check if the class has reached the mínimum number of students.


-The places will be allocated in order of registration.

-The money paid is valid only for the date of the workshop and is not refundable. 

-The reserved space is not transferable to another person if you can not attend the course. 

-It is not allowed to take pictures of the step by step in class. 

-It is not allowed to film the class.

-The fact of attending the above courses PROVIDES NO rights to the content and identical reproduction thereof without permission from the cake designer.

-The participants receive these instructions and the conditions described here are understood as accepted.

-People who need accomodation, can contact Hotel Porta Fira **** (email for bookings reservas.portafira@h-santos.es), Hotel SB Plaza Europa (reservations.plazaeuropa@sbhotels.es) or Ona Living Barcelona Apartments (recepcion@onalivingbarcelona.com)

-If you need a taxi service, please ask us sending an email to info@elmondolcdeclaudia.com


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3 days Hands On Master Class 11, 12 & 13/12 with Dinara Kasko

3 days Hands On Master Class 11, 12 & 13/12 with Dinara Kasko

Intensive hands on Master Class (duration 3 days), December 11st, 12nd and 13rd, 2020 (9 AM - 6 PM). Price: 880 euros. 

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