Reduced price! 3 days Master Class 17, 18 & 19/02/23 with Nicolas Nikolakopoulos Expand

3 days Master Class 17, 18 & 19/02/23 with Nicolas Nikolakopoulos

Intensive Master Class (duration 3 days), February 17th, 18th & 19th, 2023 (9 AM - 6 PM). Price: 960 euros. 

In English & Spanish.

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Pastry and chocolate has been a passion for him since childhood. He had nobody in his family working in something similar, and being an only child he loved to sneak in the kitchen and make whatever recipes he could find ingredients for since the age of 8, while both of his parents worked. Another passion of him was Chemistry though, so he took his degree as a chemist from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After shortly working as a chemist, although he loved it, he couldn't stop thinking he would prefer to work on a different kind of lab, one in which, art and chemistry became one, and the result would make people smile. So he studied Pastry in Le Monde Culinary and Tourism College in Athens and then he left for Paris to continue his studies and work, at Ecole Lenôtre in Paris. He has worked in many hospitality outlets, hotels and restaurants and now he owns his own consulting business NZ Dessert Designers along with his partner chef Zissis Goudas. Their business is responsible for designing dessert menus, recipe and specialty products R&D for international customers like boutiques, hotels, pastry shop chains and food industries, and also Pastry Seminars and training. For the last 9 years he also works as a Pastry, Chocolate and Food science professor in the very school he started from, Le Monde College. In March 2022, he realized his Chocolate dream by winning the title of the SE Europe Chocolate Master, in the World Chocolate Masters Competition. Chocolate has always been his passion and muse and being recognized as a Master Chocolatier in an international level is no less than worth every effort. 
In his classes he is focusing on art, technique and deep explanation of what happens behind the recipes, as it is very important to him for pastry chefs or pastry lovers to understand every aspect of the process. The science behind pastry and chocolate art can be a powerful tool, when creating or cooking any type or recipe."

LEARNING: Students will learn how to make the preparations mentioned below. They will not only learn the recipe, they will also learn the most essential techniques for creating cakes, temperatures, textures, flavour balance, stabilization, product integration, all knowledge to be implemented when making any cake recipe in the future.


  1. Lemon π: Almond-Lemon pâte sucrée, lemon confit, fleur d'oranger-spearmint mousse, roasted almond tuile, lime-vanilla meringue, lemon-lime-lemongrass cremeux.
  2. Apricot in a can: apricot syrup gel with canned apricots infused with amaretto, almond -vanilla mouse, caramel-apricot/peach compote, vanilla- apricot cake with dried apricots.
  3. Lamp light: passion fruit crumble, chia-lemon biscuit Joconde, Calvados-mango punch, passion fruit-mango-timut pepper compote, passion fruit caramel, a yuzu-banana mousse and a whipped lemon-white chocolate ganache in the lampshade.
  4. Billiard balls: Pancake balls, Banana compote, Jack Daniels - honey punch, smoked bacon caramel, maple syrup mousse-caramel swirl.
  5. Crete to Aegena: A surprisingly wonderful combination of pistachios from Aegena island, olive oil-vanilla caramel, candied Cretan olives, milk and dark chocolate.
  6. La vie en rose: A sweet and glossy little vase filled with champagne-rose and Kaffir lime mousse, fragrant geranium-ruby chocolate cremeux, "Roseberry" compote, red berries biscuit, "Roseberry" cream, compote and chocolate rose.
  7. End of summer: Pressure cooked peaches and nectarines in caramel and raspberry puree, lemon biscuit, raspberry lemon confiture, cream cheese and yogurt mousse, Belcolade white chocolate mills, amaretto sweet pastry. 
  8. Mini-Bonsai Mignardises: Yuzu, caramel, sweet spices, matcha tea, lime and chocolate.

Open to all levels

At the end of the class all the mousses will be distributed between all the participants. 

(***) The teaching methodology will be carried out following the health regulations related to COVID-19

Venue for workshops:

International Pastry Academy “El món dolç de Claudia”

Calle Castelao, 167 (a 100 mts del Centro Comercial Gran Vía 2)

08902 – Hospitalet de Llobregat – Barcelona

The price of the master class includes:


Translator English - Spanish

Direct and personal supervision of the chef

Certificate of attendance 

1 hour for lunch (food not included in the price)

** The course will take place with a minimum of 12 people. If you have to buy a ticket for your flight, train or bus, please contact us and ask if the class have reached the minimum number of people needed to run the class.

Such as workshops, each student will leave the course with their own work and having learned the techniques taught by the chef.

To confirm the reservation, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, you must make the deposit / transfer of 960 euros on the same day of the reservation and send the receipt via email. In case of not receiving the receipt, the reservation will be automatically canceled. Please indicate your full name (it will be the name that will appear on the diploma) in the concept of your email.

Cancellation policy: 

By the organization: if the course is canceled by the organizers, the student will receive a refund of the amount paid by him/her to date. 

By students: there is no possibility of refund if the student cancels his/her attendance.

In case of postponing the course's date, the participants will have the option to accept the new date or choose another course from the academy’s calendar. No refunds will be made.

In no case the organization will bear the expenses incurred by the student for the completion of the course (accommodation costs, flights, diet, transportation).

All the courses will be confirmed 15 days before the class date, so if you need to buy a flight, please ask us first to check if the class has reached the minimum number of students.


-The money paid is valid only for the date of the workshop and is not refundable. 

-The reserved space is not transferable to another person if you can not attend the course. 

-It is not allowed to take pictures of the step by step in class. The participants can take photos for personal use.

-It is not allowed to film the class.

-The fact of attending the above courses PROVIDES NO rights to the content and identical reproduction thereof without permission from the chef.

-The participants read these instructions and the conditions described above and are understood as accepted once payment is made.

-People who need accomodation, can contact Hotel Porta Fira **** (email for bookings reservas.portafira@h-santos.es), Hotel SB Plaza Europa (reservations.plazaeuropa@sbhotels.es) or Ona Living Barcelona Apartments (recepcion@onalivingbarcelona.com)

-If you need a taxi service, please ask us sending an email to info@elmondolcdeclaudia.com