3 days Master Class 10, 11 & 12/02/23 with Alexander Kislitsyn

Master Class (duration 3 days), Febuary 10th, 11th & 12th, 2023 (9 AM - 6 PM). Price: 960 euros. 

In Russian, English & Spanish

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Alexander Kislitsyn, the founder and director of the “VIP-Masters” International Culinary School, started studying culinary when he was 14. While studying in the culinary college, he worked in French and Italian restaurants and hotels side by side with foreign chefs. Additionally, he was taking culinary courses and taking part in competitions (and winning them). Having finished the college, he was invited to a culinary school to teach. 6 months later, for the first time he decided to take part in the international pastry competition that was held in 2006 in Luxembourg. And he succeeded in getting the 1st prize there. When he came back home, he was offered a position of a consultant chef in the Kolomna hotel. In 2008, he decided to open his own culinary school that would teach amateurs as well as professional chefs. Since then, he has been the director and teacher at the “VIP-Masters” International Culinary School.

Alexander Kislitsyn's awards:

  • 6th prize at LE MONDIAL DES ARTS SUCRES, 2012, France
  • Laureate and winner of the Mini-Cup at the WORLD CHOCOLATE MASTER '09, Paris
  • 1st prize (twice) at the International Culinary Exhibition "Pir", 2009, Moscow
  • 1st prize at the WORLD CHOCOLATE MASTER '08, where he was called the Best Pastry Chef of Russia, 2008, Moscow
  • 1st prize at the Culinary and Service Championship of Russia "Pir", 2008, Moscow
  • Laureate of the ISTANBUL GASTRONOMY FESTIVAL, December 2007, Istanbul
  • Winner of Kremlin Cup and two gold medals at the International Culinary Exhibition "Pir", 2007, Moscow
  • 2nd prize at the Restaurant World Exhibition, 2007, Moscow
  • Laureate of the ISTANBUL GASTRONOMY FESTIVAL, February 2007, Istanbul
  • 1st prize at the International Culinary World Cup in EXPO GAST 2006, Luxembourg
  • 1st prize at the International Kremlin Culinary Cup, 2006, Moscow
  • 2nd prize at the Young Professional of the Year, 2006, Moscow
  • 1st prize at the Restaurant World Exhibition, 2006, Moscow
  • Grand Prix and 1st prize at the 3rd Moscow Culinary Championship, 2005, Moscow
  • 2nd prize at the International Kremlin Culinary Cup, 2005, Moscow
  • 1st prize at the 2nd Moscow Culinary Championship, 2004, Moscow

LEARNING: Students will learn how to make the preparations mentioned below. They will not only learn the recipe, they will also learn the most essential techniques for creating cakes, temperatures, textures, flavour balance, stabilization, product integration, all knowledge to be implemented when making any cake recipe in the future. Open to any level of experience


1. Raspberry and Vanilla Grand Macarons

2. Petit Gateaux “Tomato and Basil” (basil sponge, tomato and raspberry jelly, basil mousse)

3. Petit Gateaux “Refreshing Raspberry” (almond crumble, raspberry and lychee jelly, refreshing mousse, mint crème)

4. Strawberry and Lemon Eclairs (strawberry crème, lemon crème)

5. Coconut and Wild Strawberry Eclairs (coconut crème, wild strawberry confit)

6. “Red” Entremet (gluten and chocolate free sponge, nuts croustillant, strawberry confit, chocolate and passion fruit mousse)

7. “Strawberry and Champagne” Entremet (hazelnut sponge, hazelnut croustillant, strawberry and champagne jelly, strawberry and champagne mousse, vanilla crème)

8. “Naomi” Entremet (chocolate sponge, cherry confit, strawberry jelly, chocolate streusel, green tea mousse)

9. "Strawberry Martini" Entremet (pistachio sponge, almond crunchy, strawberry compote, martini creamy mousse)

10. “Honey Cake"

11. "Coconut Caramel Crunch" Entremet (crispy coconut meringue, caramel crème brulee, coffee sponge, coconut Mousse)

12. Petit Gateaux "Flower" (gluten-free almond sponge, mango compote, yogurt cream, mascarpone cream)

13. Petit Gateaux "Juicy Cherry". crumbly dough, cherry compote with pieces of cherry, vanilla-lime mousse

14. Chocolate bonbons: 3 different types of bonbons.

At the end of the class all the desserts will be distributed between all the participants.

The decorations could change, depending on chef decision.

(***) The teaching methodology will be carried out following the health regulations related to COVID-19

Venue for workshops:

International Pastry Academy “El món dolç de Claudia”

Calle Castelao, 167 (a 100 mts del Centro Comercial Gran Vía 2)

08902 – Hospitalet de Llobregat – Barcelona

The price of the master class includes:

Book recipe in English & Spanish


Translator Russian - English - Spanish

Direct and personal supervision of the chef

Certificate of attendance 

1 hour for lunch (food not included in the price)

** The course will take place with a minimum of 12 people. If you have to buy a ticket for your flight, train or bus, please contact us and ask if the class have reached the minimum number of people needed to run the class.

Such as workshops, each student will leave the course with their own work and having learned the techniques taught by the chef.

To confirm the reservation, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, you must make the deposit / transfer of 960 euros on the same day of the reservation and send the receipt via email. In case of not receiving the receipt, the reservation will be automatically canceled. Please indicate your full name (it will be the name that will appear on the diploma) in the concept of your email.

Cancellation policy: 

By the organization: if the course is canceled by the organizers, the student will receive a refund of the amount paid by him/her to date. 

By students: there is no possibility of refund if the student cancels his/her attendance.

In case of postponing the course's date, the participants will have the option to accept the new date or choose another course from the academy’s calendar. No refunds will be made.

In no case the organization will bear the expenses incurred by the student for the completion of the course (accommodation costs, flights, diet, transportation).

All the courses will be confirmed 15 days before the class date, so if you need to buy a flight, please ask us first to check if the class has reached the minimum number of students.


-The money paid is valid only for the date of the workshop and is not refundable. 

-The reserved space is not transferable to another person if you can not attend the course. 

-It is not allowed to take pictures of the step by step in class. The participants can take photos for personal use.

-It is not allowed to film the class.

-The fact of attending the above courses PROVIDES NO rights to the content and identical reproduction thereof without permission from the chef.

-The participants read these instructions and the conditions described above and are understood as accepted once payment is made.

-People who need accomodation, can contact Hotel Porta Fira **** (email for bookings reservas.portafira@h-santos.es), Hotel SB Plaza Europa (reservations.plazaeuropa@sbhotels.es) or Ona Living Barcelona Apartments (recepcion@onalivingbarcelona.com)

-If you need a taxi service, please ask us sending an email to info@elmondolcdeclaudia.com