Modern Pastry In Person Intensive Course from 24/05 to 04/06/23

Modern Pastry Intensive (duration 10 days), May 24th - June 04th, 2023

Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM (lunch break 1 hour). 

Teaching hours: 80 hours of training distributed over 10 days.

Days off: May 30th & 31st

In English & Spanish

By the best international pastry chefs: Lana Orlova, Emmanuele Forcone, Toni Vera, David Vidal.

Price: 3900 euros 

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Course objective:
In this course you will learn to make 60 complex products with more than 150 subrecipes, covering various fields of modern pastry such as cookies, entremets, individual cakes and catering desserts. You will find out about biscuits, crunchy, fillings, cremeux, jelly, ganache, mousses, different types of glazes, chocolate decoration, sweet and savory pastries, puff pastry, plated desserts, verrines, chocolate bonbons, recipe formulation, optimization of costs and working time. 

The teaching methodology will be carried out following the current health regulations related to COVID-19

For who is this course:
This course is aimed at all those who wish to improve their techniques and deepen their knowledge in pastry. Also, to professionals of the sector who want to incorporate innovative and cutting-edge products into their businesses, optimizing costs and working time.

Academy address:
International Pastry Academy "El món dolç de Claudia"
Street Castelao, 167 - 08902 – Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 422 1367 / 638 847 615
Email: cursos@elmondolcdeclaudia.com

Each student will receive a diploma issued by the academy. 

The students have to sign up and book the course in our online store


Lana Orlova Bauer: Born in Ukraine and currently living in Denmark. She has experience working in a culinary academy and in the hotel industry in Ukraine. In 2017 she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, and created her
company "Sweets by Lana". During the last year, she devoted her time mainly to teaching and exploring new techniques and ideas about chocolate. She is an ambassador of the prestigious company Chocolate Word, from

Emmanuele Forcone: Until today he is among the youngest teachers of the Italian Academy of Pastry Masters and with only 35 years he has been 4 times Italian Pastry Champion, World Pastry Champion (on the the XV "Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie" – Lion, France) and is now an International Consultant and Trainer. Emmanuele is originally from Abruzzo and for several years has expressed all his creativity in the Pannamore pastry shop in Vasto, where he has professionally proposed his tasty creations, among which the chocolatery and modern pastry in which he has
become a teacher. His management skills and experience of working in a real pastry kitchen allow him to be one of the most appreciated consultants on the Italian and world scene, for schools, companies and private companies.

Toni Vera: pastry chef born in Barcelona and responsible for pastries at the Canal pastry shop. He created the recipe of the Best Artisan Butter Croissant 2016, 2019 & 2022. He came to the world of pastry by chance. While studying chemistry, he began dating a girl who was the daughter of pastry chefs. In the evenings, he helped in the family business, testing formulas, and combining ingredients. He soon saw that it was more exciting to do it with flours, sugars and butters than with chemical elements. He left Chemistry and spent 5 years in the kitchen of Forn Bertran in Badalona, making pastries, cakes, individual desserts, etc. There he discovered his true passion, which has taken him to pastry shops such as Bubó, Comas and Canal. He is a pastry teacher at the Bakers Guild of Barcelona and says that "getting to make the best croissant is a matter of perfectionism, using the best ingredients and working the formula trying to improve every day". He had dreamed many times of this award and assures that it is "a prize for perseverance, dedication, getting up at 5 in the morning on a holiday, etc."

David Vidal: He's the Head Chef at the Hotel Laholmen in a small town in Sweden called Strömstad. He learned his profession in Malta, where he attended the Institute of Tourism Studies. He has participated in competitions in
Malta and abroad both with the Maltese National Team and individually. He was also a member of the Western Swedish culinary team, where they won a silver medal during the 2018 Culinary World Cup. He collaborates with Silikomart and has designed together with them the Onda bonbon molds and the Promise 65 mold, which he usually uses in his plated desserts. 

Course content:

May 24th & 25th: Training provided by chef Lana Orlova Bauer

During 2 training days, chef Lana Orlova will teach all the theoretical and practical concepts of up-to-date chocolatery. She will transmit her knowledge to develop the recipes that will allow her students to create their own recipes and formulate their ganache maintaining the necessary proportions and balance. She will elaborate a large selection of molded bonbons with ganache, praline and fruit paste. She will also explain the theory on how to achieve super shiny bonbons and how to choose, clean, store and use polycarbonate molds. She will also teach everything you need about color theory to get colorful and attractive bonbons. You will learn about chocolate tempering and its crystalline structure, as well as how to color cocoa butter, the process of tempering it and how to work with it. Chef will make different designs using tape, sponges, brushes and airbrush. She will talk about the storage and shelf life of the bonbons, the combinations of flavors, sealing and demolding of bonbons and finally she will make the final assembly of the presentation table.

The Chef will make the following recipes:

Chai – Milk chocolate
Banana – Dark chocolate – Milk chocolate
Hazelnut – Milk chocolate
Citrus – White chocolate
Raspberry – Roses – Dark chocolate
Wine – Dark chocolate
Coconut – Lime – Vanilla – White chocolate (raspberry paste)
Dulce de Leche – Espresso – Caramel chocolate
Blueberry – Gin –White Chocolate
Raspberry – Thyme – White Chocolate

May 26th to May 29th: Training provided by chef Emmanuele Forcone
During 4 training days, chef Emmanuele Forcone will teach how to prepare modern cakes of various layers and textures. He will also explain the most innovative techniques of glazing and decoration and share his knowledge on the bases of classic and modern pastry (different doughs, biscuits, fillings and jellifying agents). You will learn to prepare individual desserts and signature cookies, a star product of Italian pastry. He will convey his vision on how to achieve a balance of flavors and textures when creating a pastry recipe.

The Chef will make the following recipes:

Cremino kisses
Caramel buttons
Bretons with liquid heart and pistachio
Frollini 100% praline
Golosissimo hazelnut and caramel
Crispy hazelnut and pistachio cream balls
Ringo with toffee caramel using serigraphy technique
Butter torcetti


Lemon, Mascarpone and Red Fruits
Strawberry and Yogurt
Lemon Tartlet

Individual cakes:
Pear Rocher
Pistachio and Red Fruits Explosion

Chocolate Crunchy
Fruit Explosion
Red Fruits Panna Cotta
Milk Chocolate Rocher, Mascarpone and Hazelnut

Techniques: explanation of various techniques detailed below
Mousse screen-printed with neutral glaze
Glazing with spider web effect

May 30th & 31st: days off

June 01st & 02nd: Training provided by chef Toni Vera
During 2 training days, chef Toni Vera will explain all the techniques and tips and tricks of the elaboration of croissants and puff pastry. Equipment and raw materials will be discussed, as well as manufacturing timings.
Chef will share his organizational model, including how to manufacture goods, bake, store them etc.
You will be able clarify you doubts and issues that you have in a professional workshop, to solve problems or optimize processes, since time is the most expensive factor in a workshop, and rarely is it given the importance it really has. The characteristics of the different ingredients will be explained: flours, sugar, salt, yeast, eggs, fats and how all of them intervene in the elaboration process. Students will learn to make a pre-ferment, kneading, resting, laminating and forming, and of course baking. It is very important to see the whole process and touch the dough to understand textures and temperatures of the laminated croissant. The chef will also explain how to make the products at home, for those who develop the activity as a hobby.
The chef will introduce us to the world of puff pastry, crispy dough that is a classic pastry, explaining all its characteristics, so that students can make all varieties of puff pastry products both in a bakery and at home.

The recipe book is focused on developing a pastry buffet that includes:

Baked Apple Croissant
Croissant Pistachio
Raspberry Croissant with Raspberry Glaze
Cube Croissant
Chocolate Croissant Bean to Bar
Walnut Marzipan Croissant

Puff Pastry:
Fruit Band

Puff Pastry catering:
Individual Salty Fingers (caprese, bacon mushroom, leek and prawns, ham and cheese)
Salty Grisines (poppy, Emmental, white sesame, black sesame)
Sweet selection (apple, cream fruit, cabello de angel and pine nut, pineapple cream)

June 03rd & 04th: Training provided by chef David Vidal
The main objective of these 2 days by the hand of chef David Vidal, is to dive into the latest trends in modern pastry. Restaurant desserts have a great importance in the current gastronomic offer; therefore, the chef will make the most attractive desserts of the moment, explaining all its elements. You will discover biscuits, creams, crunchies, jellies, ganaches, mousses, mirror glaze, chocolate velvet and chocolate decorations. The chef will teach different options of combination of flavors and presentation, both in plated desserts and in verrines, individuals and entremets. He will also show the assembly of each dessert and will prepare the presentation table.

Chef will make the following recipes:

Blueberry & Opalys
Burnt Butter, Tangerine and Pecan
Dulcey, Tonka and Milk Chocolate
Lemon and Raspberry
Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Coconut
Raspberry and Vanilla
Strawberry, Lemon and Opalys
Strawberry, Lemon Grass, Rhubarb and Sudachi
Strawberry, Raspberry, Licorice and Lemon

In person course price: 3900 euros

The price of the course includes: 80 hours of training distributed in 10 days, English-Spanish translator in the course with chef Toni Vera, complete dossier with theory and practical recipes, certificate of training of 4 chefs and academy, ingredients and materials, degustation of the products made, follow up possibility after the course ends to solve doubts and questions.

Payment methods:

- Full payment by bank transfer or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) through the El món dolç de Claudia online store. 

Cancellation policy: 

By the academy: if the course is canceled by the academy, the student will receive a refund of the amount paid by him/her to date. 

By students: there is no possibility of refund if the student cancels his/her attendance.

In case of postponing the course date, the students will have the option to accept the new date or choose another course from the academy’s calendar. No refunds will be made.

In no case the academy will bear the expenses incurred by the student for the completion of the course (accommodation costs, flights, diet, transportation).

All the courses will be confirmed 15 days before the class date, so if you need to buy a flight, please contact the academy to confirm the class has reached the minimum number of students.


-The spots will be allocated in order of registration. 

-The money paid is valid only for the date of the course and is not refundable. 

-The reserved spot is not transferable to another person.

-It is not allowed to take pictures & videos of the step by step during class. The students can take photos & videos for personal use.

-The fact of attending the above courses PROVIDES NO RIGHTS to the content and identical reproduction thereof without permission from the chef.

-Once the reservation & payment have been completed, the students receive and accept the course conditions.

-The students who need accomodation, can contact Hotel Porta Fira **** (email for bookings reservas.portafira@h-santos.es), Hotel SB Plaza Europa (reservations.plazaeuropa@sbhotels.es) or Ona Living Barcelona Apartments (recepcion@onalivingbarcelona.com)

-The students who need a taxi service, can ask the academy by sending an email (info@elmondolcdeclaudia.com) to arrange it.